The Hello Kitty jet arrives to our terminal.

When you get told your flight will be decked out on the inside and outside with Hello Kitty — there’s no reaction that’s acceptable other than pure excitement.

I mean Hello Kitty is the Mickey Mouse of Asia — right?

Eva Air is the premiere airline of Taiwan. It just started having flights into Houston International airport back in March.

What can you expect on the Hello Kitty jet? Tons of Hello Kitty swag, of course.


Carson can’t contain his excitment for Hello Kitty.

It all begins with the baggage tags – with a pilot-themed Hello Kitty.

The baggage tags have a Hello Kitty pilot!

And Eva Air isn’t skimping on their boarding passes either. Look!

Eva Air isn’t playing with this Hello Kitty endorsement.

As to what to expect on the flight — I’ve Googled and found we’ll get Hello Kitty night masks, meal placemats, pillows and playing cards.

Just a quick Google tells us what we can expect in the air.

The 25+ hour flight to Taipei, then to Jakarta and finally Bali — is getting off to a great start thanks to Miss Hello Kitty.

YASSS to the Hello Kitty boarding.

 Next stop Asia!

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