We snapped a photo with the Barong dancers.

It was a busy first day in Bali. We arranged a hit of all the major Balinese highlights with our driver, Rai.

He picked us up after breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

Rai made it a point to learn all of our names. He had a tough time with Ainsley’s name — but he tired.

Our first stop was a cultural dance center to watch the Barong dance, the “tiger dance.” It tells the story of good versus evil.

The Bali International airport was busy with the last flights of the day.

​​​We made stops to a basket/weaving and then a silver center. Two activities that have a rich tradition in Bali.

We saw the detailed work of a weaver.

Rai drove us to a one of the 40,000 temples in Bali.

A traditional Balinese dance, Barong, about good vs evil.

The Batuan temple is one of the biggest Balinese Hindu temples near Ubud.

This temple had some elaborate carvings and a koi pond.

The temple is one of the 40,000 in the island of Bali.

We did get caught in a rain storm during our temple visit — but that didn’t take away from the experience.

But one thing that’s required when visiting a temple is a sarong — to cover your legs.

Sarongs never looked so good.
My favorite part of the visit came with a trip to the Tegenungan Waterfall.
A wideshot of the beautiful Tegenungan Waterfall.

We had to descend down some steep stairs to get down to the waterfall. I had prepared for the visit. I had my swimsuit in my bag. I read to come prepare if you wanted to see the Tegenungan Waterfall up close.

The moment I got to the waterfall area I covered up with my towel, dropped trout, put my trucks on and jumped into the waterfall.

‘Don’t worry be sexy’ — sure waterfall sign!

I know it sounds trite to say but it was breathtaking.

My heart was pounding as I got closer and closer to this natural phenomenon.

It reminded me of the time I saw Niagara Falls.

A visit like the one to Tegenungan Waterfall — reminds you of all the wonderful things in nature that are beyond words.

I tried to get underneath it but my heart was pounding to much. I guess my body was telling me it wasn’t a good idea.

Enjoying the waterfall after walking down alot of steps.

I had Bruce snap a photo — and you can tell on my face I was loving this moment.

After the waterfall, we ended our tour with a stop at the Monkey Santuary in Ubud. Another wonderful experience.

The monkey ate his banana while on my shoulder — leaving behind a mess
For 50,000 RID, you can buy a batch of bananas to feed the monkeys. They gladly jump on you for the treat.
Three baby monkeys playing.

The santuary has over 600 monkeys around the entire area. Visitors aren’t allowed to feed them anything other than bananas and you’re also told to not show your teeth — it’s a show of aggression.

Luckily, no bad monkeys were around us.

A first day in Bali filled with adventure and new experiences.

We retreated to our hotel for the night only to go back into Ubud for dinner.

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