The Temple on the Lake.

After the case of the lost wallet was solved — we headed for the Temple on the Lake on Friday morning.

The temple is on the north side of the island and over 1,000 years old.

Family photo by the temple.
We also met our best Bali driver Gusti Rasnayasa. He was 23 years old and drove a Toyota tricked out with green interior (his favorite color). Gusti also had an aux cord — so we got to experience the musical stylings of ‘DJ Carsdaddy.’
A selfie with Gusti.

The driver even took us to his home outside of Ubud. It was a nice higher middle class household where he lived with his parents, older brother, grandparents and his uncle’s family.

After a tour of Gusti’s home we went to lunch at a recommend restaurant by my former NYC roommate Judith. She met up with us on the beach on Wednesday at Finn’s Beach Club. Judith’s pick of the Melting Wok in Ubud solidified herself in my book as my go to foodie.

What are the odds? After 3 years apart, I can’t believe we met again 10,000 miles later.

After a wonderful Asian fusion lunch we parted ways from Carson and Ainsley. They went shopping and we went to look for the ‘Julia Roberts fortune teller.’

Our cabbie knew where to find him and told us it was a “good time” to see him.

For 250,000 RID ($25), I got to meet with Nyoman Lantra, the son of the popular fortune teller, Ketut Liyer.

Ketut Liyer and Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. (Source: Google)

Ketut died in June at 100 years old. “We was very old — but wise,” his son said.

Nyoman began our session with a big warm smile. He asked for my name and looked me up and down.

Ketut Liyer’s son had taken over his dad’s business. (Source: Google)

“You strong man,” he said. “You very successful.”

I was wearing a red tank top with Ganesh, the human elephant God, and a sarong.

“You have good heart, good mind and very handsome.”

He reached for my palm and began the reading.

“You have big hands — very successful. You have long lines — very good.”

Nyoman added that I would live to about 90 years old. I’d have one long successful career.

We asked what I did.

I said, “I’m on TV and I tell people what’s going on.”

He said very good — you successful like my friend Elizabeth Gilbert, the famed author of the book Eat Pray Love.

I replied, “I hope so.” He assured me I would be successful. “No worries John.”

Nyoman added I’d have a long career with side jobs. He asked if I already had one. I told him I was a professor at a university.

“You very smart John.”

When it came to money — I’d be very wealthy. “You will enough money to help others.”

According to him, I’ll be married once time and have two kids.

My session with Nyoman was wonderful and brought me peace.

Nyoman noticed my new ring. He smiled and said, “you have good person in your life.”

He left me with some advice, “stay strong and good. And much success will keep coming.”

I can’t wait to see if Nyoman’s predictions come true

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