30th birthday cards from Lisa & Jeff, Michelle and Etta.

The day has come — I’m 30!

I welcome it. But when you reach “milestone” birthdays it’s a good time to survey the previous decade — and it has been a jammed-packed one for me.

I’ve been in love twice, now engaged. And I’m excited for our future. ❤

I’ve lost the most important person in my life, my mom. I love and miss her everyday.

I graduated with two degrees from my dream schools.

I’ve picked a career I love and continue to grow in it.

I’ve mended family relationships that I ran away from when I left for college.

I have many friends, some for a lifetime.❤

I’ve traveled to places around the world. And sometimes run marathons to see those cities.

I’ve become a doggie dad to the handsome & lovable Gaston.

I entered my 20’s a bit scattered with no focus, and I leave that decade with a focus in life and a bright future. Here’s to the next phase!

A decade has taught me to face anything that comes into my life — good and bad.
Beautiful birthday flowers from Bruce.