It’s time to make our 30 hour journey home to Texas.

“This is going to be the longest Sunday ever!,” said Ainsley.

She’s right we started our travel back in Bali at 5 a.m. on Sunday and land in Houston at 11 p.m. Sunday.

But it’s worth it.

Two weeks we didn’t even know where we were going!

We had to scramble to find a new family vacation after our flight to Istanbul was cancelled because of a military coup.

We found a good flight to Bali — a place none of us had visited before.
The fun adventures, the kind Balinese people — but more importantly the family time — ranks this trip my top one.

On top of that, Bruce and I decided to make things a bit more permanent — and I’m excited for the next few months in a new town and job.

Here are my top memories I’ll take away from this trip.

5. The bright future: My reading with I Nyoman, the son of the popular healer, energized me for the next step in my life. From career to love — I Nyoman said I just have to keep on my path and I’ll be “very, very successful and lucky.”

4. The 10,000 mile reunion: Bali was the last place I’d ever think I’d run into a friend but it happened. After 3 years apart I reconnected with my former NYC roommate Judith on the opposite side of the world. She and I got caught up and she got to meet Bruce and his family. Judith also gave us some amazing food recommendations!

3. The family moments: We might be a “modern family.” I might be the Sofia Vergara to Bruce’s Ed O’Neil — as the kids pointed out while in Bali — but that’s okay. We don’t fit the mold and we’re fine with that. There’s love, respect and pride among our group. And there’s room for more, according to I Nyoman’s palm reading.

2. The heart pounding spiritual pause: There’s only one time I’ve had my heart pound while experiencing a natural phenomenon — Niagara Falls. Swimming in at the Tegenungan Waterfall was a moment when I felt the power of nature. As I looked up at the rushing water I couldn’t catch my breath and thoughts of my mom rushed in my mind. It was a spiritual moment — that I’ll never forget.

1. The lifelong commitment: After two and half years together — Bruce popped the question. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. He came along when I least expected it but it didn’t take long for us to fall in love. Beyond love — we fit well together. Yes, there’s some an age gap but that doesn’t factor when we are together. I feel happy, protected and loved when he’s around me. And I hope I provide the same for him. The next few weeks will be unpredictable but I’m facing it with a man I love — so bring it on!