Four tired but happy Texans arrive –finally– to Bali.

We arrived in Bali around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. Excited — still — after a 10,000 mile, 29 hour and 3 plane journey.

Carson points out we are 12 hours ahead of everyone we love. So, we can literally say we’re on the opposite side of the world.

The Bali International airport was busy with the last flights of the day.

The heat in Jakarta earlier in the day turned to a cool breeze in Bali.

The airport was buzzing with activity –families happy to get off planes and into cars for their trips home.

We were greeted by our driver, Ari, arranged by the hotel.

He asked us how our trip had been so far. I replied, “long but happy to be here. First time.”

After 29 hours on planes, we’re ready to explore Bali.

My excitement gives way to peace after I saw butterflies that lined our walk to the car.

Butterflies lined the walkway from the airport to the car.

Butterflies have taken on a new meaning since 2010 when my mom died unexpectedly.

My family and I believe she comes to us in the form of a butterfly. She always dreamed to traveling.

Indoneisan drive on the left side of the road.
Ari takes us on the 1 hour drive to Ubud, where we’ll be staying in Bali.
Ubud known as the traditional center of Bali for its healing.

Ubud is in the center of the island and described as the healing and peaceful area of Bali. It’s littered with yoga centers, healers, palm readers and a Starbucks… so it doesn’t throw off the Westerners zen.

For a Sunday, the streets of Bali are busy. I’m use to the quiet Sunday streets of East Texas.

The streets of Bali are busy — even for a Sunday.

We arrive after 10 p.m. to our resort.

Bruce and I had a few choices on where to stay but the Sankara just seemed like our style. Local with all the touches of a 5-star hotel. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have our own private pool.

Our stay in Ubud will be at the Sankara in Ubud.

We’re settled for the night. We’ve got a busy day planned for Monday. Follow our Bali trip via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.  Search for me.